Friday, February 26, 2010

Seeing progress!

I had a great workout last night with my trainer. We did an upper body workout, similar to the one we started off with last week.
But I'm super excited because I've already made some progress! I really didn't expect to so soon, but I have!
On some of the same exercises we did last week I increased my weight. And on a lot of the exercises I increased my reps! Awesome! I was very happy when my trainer told me the news!
I can honestly say that I wouldn't push myself as hard as I am without my trainer cheering me on and being so encouraging. It's really great!
Earlier this week I had told my trainer I had "lost" some weight since starting on my meal plan.
He said 'no, you have "dropped" weight'. At first I didn't know what he meant.
But then he asked me 'what is the first thing you do when you lose something?' And I said 'you look for it'.
He then told me that you don't want to find those pounds ever again, so to use the term "dropped".
Definitely makes sense, but I had never thought about it that way. So, from now on I will use the term "dropped" instead of "lose".
For our workout today we'll be working on the lower body -- this is the day that frightens me the most -- please pray for me!

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