Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My love filled weekend!

I'm so sad the weekend is over! Yes, we had yesterday off for Family Day too, so we enjoyed a long, love filled weekend!
Noel was home, which was awesome. We had a great time! My mom and I went to the dinner theatre on Friday night. She really is one of my best friends and I admire her in so many ways. I hope I have her courage and strength, she has really been through so much and is so positive and strong!
Saturday we had Noel's birthday celebration. He turned 35 on the 10th. We had pizza and wings and cake and wine! It was yummy! And since I'm being put on a meal plan come Thursday, I'm glad we did that beforehand! It was so great to have his family and my family over. They get along so well and it's amazing to be able to visit with everyone at once. Noel's sister is due in the next few weeks and I'm so excited to say we're having a baby niece! We have a three-year-old nephew which is amazing and he's so much fun, but I can't wait to have a little girl around!
On Sunday we had a date day for Valentine's Day. So much fun! We went and saw Avatar, which I thought was an amazing movie. I wasn't sure since I've been hearing such mixed reviews, but I really did like it a lot. Then it was off to the Keg for dinner. We had some very yummy prime rib and lobster for dinner, with drinks of course and then we came home to Valentine's Day chocolate! Yum! It was so perfect!
Yesterday we had a family day event that I planned for our neighbourhood. It was so fun! It was a family skating party and we had lots of games, prizes and hot chocolate. Everyone loved it and I had so much fun watching all the kiddies! Noel brought us Timbits and stayed to help for a while in the midst of scrambling to get ready to go back to work today. What a guy! Love him so much!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Kyle and Darci said...

aw, sounds like a wonerful weekend!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like such a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!! Glad you got to enjoy it! :)