Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling great!

So far so good on my new exercise and meal plan! Yes I realize it's only been four days, but I'm really feeling awesome!
I've been able to stick to my exercise plan and my meal plan really well -- no slip ups! And the best part is is that I'm not craving anything! No chocolate, no sweets, no carbs, nothing! I'm really shocked and pleasantly surprised!
On Friday our workout consisted of concentrating on the lower body. I basically did squats and lunges for an hour straight! Holy cow it was hard and my legs are still feeling it today! They are still quite sore.
I took a bath with some epsom salts last night and it did help. It felt really good actually.
I've already gotten my exercise in for today -- I took Jackson for an hour walk at a good steady pace. We added in some hills and my calves were definitely feeling it!
Tomorrow I see my trainer again for a full body workout. I'm sure I'll be hurtin' again on Wednesdau!

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Kyle and Darci said...

glad to hear it's going so well!!

great job on the long walk too...i'm sure your pup appreciated it! :)