Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three on Thursday

Happy Thursday! I am so glad the week is almost over!

Here are three things for this Thursday:

1. I tried Greek yogurt for the first time this week and I almost died! It was love at first bite! How have I not tried this deliciousness before?

2. We hung our Christmas lights today and will do my mom's house this weekend. I am already so excited for Christmas and having lights up (but not turned on quite yet) makes it all the more exciting.

3. It's my 30th birthday on Sunday. I'm excited but not-so-excited to enter a new decade. Why can't I stay 25 forever?

1 comment:

Big Mark 243 said...

You are really sweet, pea! Wait until you start wishing to be 30 again!

Haven't had greek yogurt... should I try it..? Perhaps, rabbit, perhaps..!

Not too early with the lights..? I guess that far north you want to put them up before things get too chilly, eh?