Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas blog swap!

I came home yesterday and I had received a package from my blog swap partner Destini!

I was so excited to open it as I love, love, love getting things in the mail besides bills!

My package was perfect and I can't thank Destini enough! In my package I got an advent calendar - yum! Chocolate every day is amazing! :) I also got some yummy gingerbread spice tea that I opened up right away and tried. It definitely tastes like the holidays! She also gave me a Starbucks gift card and How the Grinch Stole Christmas DVD - love this movie and I am really looking forward to watching the cartoon version! (I've only seen the version with Jim Carrey). And I got a really cute card as well!


We got a ton of snow over night. I'm guessing we got about a foot in total. It made for a yucky drive to work this morning. The weather is supposed to be on the plus side tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to that!

We also bought a new Christmas tree yesterday! I am so excited! It's an eight foot tree so it seems huge to us! Our previous one was a six footer. It was our first Christmas tree together, so it does hold some special memories. But the best part about our new tree is that it is pre-lit! You cannot beat that! If there is one argument that Noel and I get into every year it is about Christmas lights when we're putting them on the tree. We both get frustrated with the pesky task and usually take it out on each other, so goodbye strings of lights!
I will post a pic when we've got it all decorated.

Have a super day!


Destini said...

OH MY GOSH YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE CARTOON VERSION?? I seriously used to watch this every xmas growing up!! I was worried you had it already.

Let me know how you enjoy it! Oh and that tea is beyond amazing, I always put a lil bit of honey in it. SOO yummy :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You got an awesome package from Destini!!! Too funny because I also sent Destini gingerbread tea but after going to THREE different grocery stores I couldn't find a full box of it so I sent her some from the box I already had. I guess gingerbread tea is A LOT of people's favourite thing :)

I got your package today and I LOVE IT! Especially the ornament!!