Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye summer.....

Ok seriously, where has the last two months gone? Fall is certainly in the air here in Canada -- ok well maybe just the west. This morning when I was walking to my office from the parking lot I could see my breath! It's too soon for that Mother Nature!
But in all honesty, I love fall. It's probably my favourite time of the year. All of the different colours, the changing of the leaves, the crispness of the air, the warmth of walking into your home when the fireplace is crackling. I love it all. Oh but my favourite thing about fall is pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks -- yumm-o!

I can't wait to start decorating my home in its fall decor. Some of my favourite pieces come out in the fall. I'm going to hold off for a couple of more weeks before decorating though because it does seem a little early.
I was shopping this weekend and some retailers are beginning to get out their Christmas stuff already -- whoa Nelly! That's a little early! What about Thanksgiving and Halloween? Can we please get through that first?

Speaking of Christmas though, I have about half of my shopping done already! Wow! I have even shocked myself by doing that! :) Now, I have to make sure I don't over buy because I have stuff stashed away in closets and corners here and there.

Ok, so I'm rambling....sorry! :) I didn't have anything specific to talk about today, this kind of just happened!

Oh yes and tonight I'm getting my fall haircut. I'm thinking something different, although I have long hair and love it. Maybe bangs for fall? Lots of layers? Stay tuned.......

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Kyle and Darci said...

can't wait to see what you do w/your hair!! i'm in major need of a trim!!

and talking about christmas decor...i saw some BEFORE the 4th of July!!! Couldn't believe it!!!