Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm back!

We had a great holiday and little getaway to Banff. Even though I live so close to the mountains and always have, I never get tired of them.
The weather was amazing and we were able to walk around town shopping in our spring jackets! We took a horse and carriage ride through the town, went up the mountain on the gondola and had some great meals at local restaurants. It was fabulous!
My eating was pretty good although I have to say that it was a lot tougher than I thought to stay on track. First of all, it's difficult to know what the food is being cooked in and secondly the portions were crazy big! I tried to eat as normally as I would when I was at home, but to be honest it just wasn't happening. For breakfast I had eggs, whole wheat toast and lots of fruit the first morning. The second morning I had a yogurt and fruit parfait with granola and a whole wheat english muffin. The first day we skipped lunch because we were still full from breakfast but at about mid-afternoon our tummies were growling. We ordered chicken fingers and fries. I only had one chicken fingers and some veggies that came with it. No fries.
For dinners, the first night I had chicken fajitas. They were really good, but again, cooked in oil I'm sure. The second night I had chicken tacos.
I did end up gaining 2.5 pounds over the trip. I think it had more to do with the pina coladas and ceasers I drank!
But I have gotten rid of the gain already just by being back in my normal routine and by exercising every day.
So, today's weigh in was 194.4. Not too shabby -- a 6.5 pound loss since I started with my personal trainer three weeks ago.
Tonight my trainer is away so I'm joining a boot camp class. Should be fun!


Kyle and Darci said...

your little getaway sounds wonderful!! and it's great that you were conscious of your foods choices and not just binging just because you were on vaca!!

and 6.5lbs in 2 weeks is AWESOME!!!

biz319 said...

Sounds like you ate great to me!! Congrats on -6.5 in three weeks - you should be proud of yourself! :D

Tricia said...

sounds like a great time!