Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three things Thursday!

This is my second post this week! I better check to make sure I don't have a fever! LOL!

Here are three things on this sunny and warm Thursday!

1. I am so glad Noel is on days off. We are celebrating his birthday with a family pizza party tomorrow night. I also look forward to and cherish the time I get to spend with my family - especially my niece and nephew. They really are the light of our lives!

2. My grandpa has a heart of gold. This week while he was at the used book store and bought me a new book on wedding cakes. Problem is, the book is from the 1970s! Haha! The wedding cakes are truly hideous, but it's the thought that counts and I love that he seemed so proud of his find.

3. My sister, her husband and my 1-year-old niece are hopefully moving to the same city as us soon! They are currently looking for places to rent which makes my heart burst! They live about four hours away right now, so the thought of being able to see them on a regular basis makes me jump with excitement!

And a bonus thought: I am loving this warm weather we've been having! Jackson has been loving it too as it's such a great temperature to take him for walks in! He doesn't like it too hot and obviously not too cold either. We have been getting out daily and enjoying it!

Chat soon!

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