Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad blogger!

I seriously am a terrible blogger. I read blogs almost on a daily basis but often feel like my life is not overly exciting and that I never really have exciting things to talk about.

Today though (and probably straight through until October when our reception is) I will chat about wedding!

I am truly loving every single minute of wedding planning. Sure, there have been times when I have felt overwhelmed and somewhat stressed - probably because I'm planning two separate things and because Noel is always so busy with work that it feels like we have a small window of a few days each month to make decisions together.

But I am feeling much better these days because all of our big stuff is booked or in the process of being booked.

We of course have decided on a place to get married as well as a wedding date - hello Hawaii can't come soon enough, especially when we saw temps of almost -50C last night with the windchill! Gross!

We are in the process of booking flights and our hotel, which will be done on Noel's next set of days off. We have decided on what hotel though! We have booked our photographer and a musician (a ukulele player to be exact!) for our ceremony. We are in the process of booking our flowers and a dinner after the wedding as well. Our invites have been ordered and will be mailed out as soon as we get them. They are gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! I will post them when they get here. My dress has been ordered as well. I still need to book hair and makeup for the morning of our wedding.

We have booked our reception for Oct. 6th where we will invite all of our friends and family! We have booked a live band which we really have hummed and hawed over for the last six weeks. But it's done now and we are excited! They will also bring a DJ to play in between their sets and after as well.
We are gathering ideas for decorations for our reception but we have a pretty good idea of what we'll be doing. A family friend is making our favours for us as we speak - pineapple jelly. We will also be bringing a pineapple spice back from Hawaii to add to the favours as well.
We still have to book a tasting for our reception, but I think beef will be on the menu.

And we continue to work hard and save, save, save for both our wedding and reception. Going into the planning we only had one rule - we would not put a single thing on credit. We don't want to be paying for our wedding for the next year. It will be all paid in cash and that way we can just enjoy the moment as it comes!

We are so happy and continue to get more excited every day!

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